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Types of domestic violence and your options

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a serious problem, but it is one that goes far beyond the physical abuse that some people associate with it. This situation impacts the adults, as well as children who are in the home. The children are watching what’s going on and might think that the behavior is normal. They might not have a model for a healthy relationship.

For the adults in the situation, recognizing the different types of domestic violence might help them to stop it. Victims might be so used to the other person’s techniques that they don’t see a problem. Abusers might think that their actions are justified.

The point that brings all the types of domestic violence together is that it is used to control the other person. Financial abuse does this because the victim doesn’t have the money they need to do things that they want to do or need to do. Emotional abuse seeks to get the person to think they aren’t worthy of a meaningful relationship.

Other forms of domestic violence have to do with intimidation. Making threats, stalking the person and doing similar things to exert dominance isn’t ever acceptable.

These cases can escalate quickly. It is usually best for both parties to walk away and take time to calm down. This might prevent things from becoming violent or continuing to the point that legal intervention is necessary.

Couples who find that they are fighting more than they get along might choose to pursue a divorce. In that situation, it is wise to get early advice about your rights and options from an experienced attorney.


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