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Grandparents may help your kids during your divorce

Your children need stability when you are going through a divorce. This isn’t an easy time for them, so you will need to find ways to help them through it. One thing that you might do is encourage them to spend time with their grandparents if they live close to you.

There are many ways that grandparents can help their grandchildren during this time, but make sure that you talk to the grandparents first about what’s going on. You need to make it clear that they shouldn’t badmouth either parent. Just because the marriage didn’t work out, that doesn’t mean that either is a bad parent or bad person.

As the children spend more time with their grandparents, they might begin to build an even closer relationship. You can encourage this to happen. It doesn’t matter which set of grandparents they are spending time with. Both parents should encourage their kids to enjoy themselves with all of their family members.

Since the children are getting closer to their grandparents, they might want them to be there for school events, games and other special occasions. You might need to make some ground rules for this to happen. For example, make it clear that no contentious matters can be discussed during these events. Instead, the sole focus must be on the children.

It isn’t always easy to walk this new path. The parenting plan that you set during the split should help you to do this more easily. Just make sure that you are taking your children’s best interests into account when you are making this plan.


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