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These issues are often key factors when Colorado couples divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Firm News

When you got married, you likely thought your future would always include your spouse. Other people get divorced, but you didn’t think you would be one of them. Whether you’re marriage has lasted just a few years or much longer, if there are problems that you feel you can’t resolve, you may be one of many who files for divorce in a Colorado court this year.

There are several issues that often lead to divorce. You may relate to one or more of these problems. Perhaps your friend or co-worker recently got divorced, and his or her story sounded hauntingly familiar. It’s not so much what the exact issues are that have caused your relationship to decline but whether you know how to build a strong support network to help you achieve your ultimate goals, whether such goals include rising above the bones of contention in your marriage or filing for divorce.

Did someone cheat?

Infidelity is a big problem in many Colorado marriages. Some spouses simply can’t withstand the emotional trauma and feelings of betrayal that a cheating spouse inflicts upon a marriage. This is one of the most common factors people cite for wanting a divorce.

Do you fight about religion?

Maybe you didn’t think your faith differences were a big deal when you first got married. As time passed and you welcomed children into your family, that may have changed. Religious differences can drive deep wedges between spouses, and some think it’s best to part ways rather than constantly argue about faith matters.

What about finances?

Money problems are common in most households. However, if you and your spouse constantly argue about money, it’s understandable that it might place tremendous strain on your marriage. It pays to remember, however, that getting divorced costs money, and it’s critical that you know what options are available to help you keep expenses to a minimum and also to walk away with the maximum amount of assets and property to which you may be entitled.

Who can help?

Especially if you have kids, tapping into local resources to help them cope can benefit your whole family. Children are highly adaptable if they know they are loved and know there is a strong support network surrounding them. Licensed counselors, friends and family, faith ministers and family law attorneys are all great assets to have on hand in divorce.