Divorce comes as a shock for some individuals. They might wonder what happened and why they ended up in this situation. For others, there were signals present that something was amiss. It is imperative that anyone who is still married review these signs so that they can watch for them. Even if you are divorced, you might realize that at least some of these were present in the marriage.

One huge sign that your marriage is ending is that one person has checked out emotionally from the relationship. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including feeling like you have fallen out of love or that you just don’t like your spouse. This might spill over into your intimate relationship because you might not want any type of physical contact from your spouse.

Another sign is that there isn’t any conflict resolution. When this occurs, there is a good chance that the marriage has devolved to the point that it seems hopeless to try to work through things. It might seem as though the focus shifts to who can “win” an argument instead of it being on bettering the relationship.

Finally, the focus of your life might not be on the marriage any longer. It is normal for the focus to shift to the children, but you should still look forward to the time you have with your life. If you have gotten to the point that you are starting to look more into how you can better yourself instead of the marriage, including in financial matters, you might be headed toward divorce.

If your marriage does end, remember that you have to care for yourself during the divorce. This includes emotionally, physically and legally. Your divorce settlement is one of the most important things for you to work on now.