Kids don’t deserve to have a bad life just because their parents divorce. Instead, they should be able to count on their parents to work together for their good. One way that parents do this is through co-parenting. When you make the decision to co-parent, you have to keep your focus on the children.

There are many things that you can do to make the situation easier on everyone. One of the most important is to continue to encourage your children to have a relationship with your ex and that side of the family. The children shouldn’t ever think that they have to choose one side or the other.

Another way you can help the children is by showing them support. This is a hard time for them, so knowing they can count on you might make a big difference in what they are feeling. Make time to listen to them and to talk to them. They might need help working through feelings and emotions that are intense and unfamiliar.

Co-parenting requires that you and your ex have open communication. Not only does this ensure the kids are getting what they need, it also lets them know that you and your ex are a team. Some children try to play one parent against the other. This can be prevented by showing open communication with each other.

Sometimes, there are disagreements that occur in these cases. Having the parenting plan spelled out in writing can hep to prevent these. The parenting plan gives you a place to turn for guidance when issues do come up.