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Allegations of abuse make child custody cases difficult

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a tragedy, especially when children are involved. The situation becomes a challenge because there is a chance that the kids never experienced the abusive behavior. When this occurs, the court has to decide whether the child should still have a relationship with the parent who was allegedly abusive. We know that this is hard on both parents, but the child’s safety has to be the priority.

One option that the court might use in these cases is supervised visitation. This enables the children to still spend time with the parent who was accused of abuse, but there is a person standing watch to ensure that the kids aren’t being abused. Even though this isn’t ideal, it is likely better than not having contact with the parent.

Many times, courts will issue temporary orders in these cases. This gives the court time to make a determination about the alleged abuse. If the parent is found guilty of abusive behavior, there is a chance that the court might fully terminate their rights to the child.

As hard as this situation is, the parent who is accused of abuse can choose to focus on the time they do have with the children. Hopefully, this is a time that they can build some positive memories that can shore up the relationship.

We know that people on both sides of the matter might have some questions. Trying to work through the legal process can be complex, especially due to the abuse claims. We are here to help you ensure your children’s best interests are being followed and that you know the options that you have.


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