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Work with your ex to address behavioral issues in children

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

Some children don’t adjust well to the changes that come with divorce. They might not be able to handle the flood of emotions they experience. For some kids, the overwhelming emotions come out as behavioral troubles. In most cases, they aren’t trying to misbehave. Instead, they just don’t know what to do and can’t control their reactions.

It can be especially difficult to determine how to help children who aren’t able to relay their needs to you. In these cases, you may have to do some digging to figure out what they need. This might mean talking to them to see what’s on their minds. It may also mean keeping track of what’s going on around them when they begin to act out. You can ask your ex to do the same, and you can include a plan of action to address these problems in the custody agreement.

Another way that you might be able to help is by enlisting assistance from other trusted adults that have regular contact with the children. This might include teachers and guidance counselors at school. Be sure to let them know about the divorce so they can be prepared to deal with situations that might come up in these cases.

There are some cases that require special actions. These include matters like serious aggression, any self-harm and signs of depression that the children might experience because of their parents’ divorce. You child may need professional help if they are going through any of these situations.

It is always best to discuss the situation with your ex so a plan can be made to help the children. They deserve to have a stable environment that gives them what they need to thrive. Any agreements about these matters should be included in your parenting plan.