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Set suitable precedent in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

For parents who are getting divorced, having to make decisions for the children is often challenging. You have to think about what is best for the kids, which can be difficult when you are dealing with raw emotions that come with the end of the marriage. We realize that you might have some concerns about your future, and we are here to help you learn about all possible options.

Your child’s age and maturity level will play a part in the decisions you make. Younger children will need most decisions made for them, but older children might be able to have a say in their living arrangements and other considerations.

One area that this is especially true for is the parenting time schedule. When you are working out this part of the parenting plan, you have to think about your child’s commitments and activities so that they can continue these uninterrupted.

Working out the details of the parenting plan will require you and your ex to work together. You’ll have to compromise on various matters. This doesn’t have to be hard if you and your ex decide to remain a parenting team and present a united front to the kids. Being able to do this in the negotiations sets a good precedent for the remainder of the parenting relationship and provides a good example for your children.

As you get the terms of the parenting plan set, we can ensure that they are included in the interim and final custody orders. This helps to prevent disagreements in the future since everything is clearly conveyed in the parenting plan.