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Domestic violence can lead to serious life impacts

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Domestic Violence

The intersection of domestic violence and family law is a difficult place for anyone to be. The problem that they face is that the criminal matter can have a direct impact on their family life. This is a challenge that can be hard to cope with because it can mean having to stay away from their children. It is imperative that anyone who is facing this type of accusation know what they are facing.

Many people view domestic violence as something having to do with physical abuse. This is certainly a possibility and is one of the most common forms that is handled in the court system. The bruises and injuries that come from an alleged domestic violence incident provide proof of something going on, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you were responsible for it.

In most cases, domestic violence isn’t limited to a single incident. Instead, there is a cycle of violence present in which the aggressor continues to attack the victim. Many times, there is also a form of mental abuse present. This is often difficult to prove, but it is sometimes possible to establish.

When a person files a complaint regarding domestic violence, they might seek a restraining order. This personal protection order prevents the alleged abuser from contacting the victim. When there are children in the situation, the order might extend to them. It is imperative that if you have one placed against you that you know the terms, so you don’t violate them.

You have to look at the full circumstances of the incident and the evidence against you when you determine your defense strategy. Try to do this early in the situation so that you have time to consider all the options.