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Plan carefully if your marriage is nearing the end

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Divorce |

Are there subtle signs that your marriage is headed for trouble? Frankly, most people know that they’re headed for divorce well before they get there. If you think that your marriage is heading that way, you need to take the time to protect yourself so that you are as prepared as possible.

One thing that you might need to do before the paperwork is filed is to decide on who you will have as your lawyer. You might have one that you and your spouse use for joint family matters — but that lawyer can’t represent both parties in a divorce due to a conflict of interest. Obtaining your own lawyer helps to ensure that your interests are being fully considered and protected.

Another consideration is how you are going to live after the divorce. This will depend on whether you are keeping the house or letting it go. If you are keeping the house, you will have to ensure that you pay the related bills. If you are moving out, you need to find a place that you can afford.

As you can imagine, coming up with a budget that works for your situation should be a priority. This can also benefit you during the property division process because you can know if you can afford specific assets that come with expenses and upkeep costs.

We know that facing the end of your marriage is difficult. We are here to help you vet out the options you have and make a plan for handling the things you will have to address during the process.


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