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Children should usually spend time with both parents

Your parenting time with your children is precious time that should be used to make memories. The way that you do this should be by finding positive ways that you can nurture your bond with them. This might mean that you stay home and spend quality time together. It can also involve going out to experience fun things. We know that you might think of the time with your children as being limited, but you can make the most of it since you have the child custody schedule.

When you are working out the parenting time schedule for you to have your children, try to remember that each parent should have the kids when they are able to enjoy them. If one parent works odd or unpredictable hours, the arrangement might have to be flexible. This is what might happen to police officers, firefighters, doctors or oil workers.

It is imperative that you and your ex both remember that your children have to come first when you are making the schedule. Instead of thinking about what you want or what your ex wants, think about what the kids need. Sometimes, this can help you overcome areas where you are having trouble coming to an agreement.

We realize that you may still have some concerns about what is going to happen. Remember that if you and your ex can work as a team, you can often make the situation easier for everyone involved, including your children. We know that your goal is to help your children have a childhood they can remember fondly.


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