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Support payments are part of many divorces

When you have stayed home to raise your children, finding out that your spouse wants a divorce can be frightening because you might not have the means to support yourself financially. If the children will be living with you, thinking about the cost to raise them is probably on your mind. We know that these are valid concerns, and we might have an answer for you.

Some people who are going through a divorce seek out alimony from their future ex. These payments aren’t part of every divorce, but they are appropriate in many. Typically, if you were in a marriage that lasted a while, such as 10 years or longer, or if you dedicated yourself to keeping the home or raising the children, you might be able to receive alimony. You should remember that these payments won’t last forever, so you should take steps to shore up your ability to support yourself financially while you are receiving them.

If you have children, you might be able to have your ex pay you child support. There are very specific formulas that come into the picture here. The court will look at the income and means of both parents, as well as how much time the children spend with each. A determination for support payments will be made then.

We know that you have a lot to think about with these matters. Try to remember that they are only one component of the divorce. Working through each point of the split individually might help you avoid becoming overwhelmed by having to do too much all at one time.


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