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Start 2019 off with a positive parenting attitude

This is the time for parents who are divorced to make decisions about how things will go during the upcoming year. Even if co-parenting has been a bit rocky up to this point, you can make the choice to turn things around so that you can have a positive new year.

Changing your frame of mind isn’t going to be easy. You will likely find that it is very easy to fall back into the habit of thinking that things will go wrong. You should remember that there will always be things that can happen or that won’t go just as you planned. You might not be able to change these, but you can control your reaction to them.

As an adult, you might tend to focus on the definitive things in life. Instead, try to look at the possibilities. Your co-parent might have a habit of making you mad, but there is a possibility that they won’t do this. By refusing to let them anger you, it is possible to stave off having to walk away fuming.

Another way that you might be able to control what happens is by letting go of expectations. When you can’t change the outcome of something that someone else is in control of, trying to expect them to behave in a certain manner can make the situation difficult. Remember that you can only do what you can do.

When your co-parent is trying to make your life difficult, turn to your parenting plan. Follow it as it is written. If changes need to occur, you and your attorney can work to seek a modification.


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