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Plan to protect your interests during your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Divorce

A divorce is a major change in your life. You have to ensure that you are taking steps to prepare yourself for the new way of life. This isn’t always going to be easy, but it can be worth it. We are here to help you with the legal aspects of your case. We want you to feel comfortable with the process, so we will explain it to you.

One of the primary changes you will have to make is in the budget. If you have lived in a two-income household during your marriage, downsizing to a single income might be challenging. As soon as you know the divorce is going to occur, you need to sit down to make a realistic budget. Be sure to include things like rent or mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, vehicle payments and your share of the bills.

We can understand that this is a difficult time for you. We want you to be prepared for what is going to happen, so we will review the options that you have coming up with you. If your case is going through mediation, we will help you work through creating a checklist that you can use to stay on track during the sessions.

You need to look at the issues that are part of your divorce and work through how you feel about each one. List out the possible outcome and decide how important each matter is. If things start to get off track at the mediation session, you can refer to your notes.

We realize that you might have questions about legally ending your marriage. We are here to answer those for you, so you can make the decisions you feel are best for your new path.