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Help your kids feel at home in your house

One of the biggest adjustments that children have to make during a divorce is learning how to live in two homes. Both parents are going to have to take steps to ensure that the kids feel comfortable in both houses. This can take some work, especially for the parent who moved out of the marital home. Finding a way to help them can be challenging but rewarding.

Children need to have their own space in each home. The exact space they get depends on the size of the home in most cases. If they have to share a room with another child, make sure they have at least drawers to keep their personal belongings in. You can encourage the children to help with decorating their room. In a room with only one child, that child might decide the entire theme. In a shared room, the kids might be able to decorate their own area of the room.

An issue that many children have is the need to carry stuff from one house to the other. Instead of making them do this, make sure that they have at least the basics at each home so they don’t have to tote as much back and forth. Some items, such as lovies, might need to go from one house to the other.

Try to keep a consistent routine for the kids. If you and your ex are co-parenting, you can work out agreements for major rules so they are consistent between homes. Things like bedtime and daily reading requirements are good examples of shared rules.

Your parenting plan should include all the agreed upon points and other information that might help you and your ex throughout the child’s life. This is the place you can turn if there are ever disagreements.


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