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Hostage situation results in domestic violence, other charges

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases can run the gamut from non-physical abuse to fatalities. There are many causes and outcomes of domestic violence. One recent case in Pueblo West involves one of the more dangerous outcomes.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a home on Sunday evening after receiving a report of a man holding his children and wife hostage. The woman and her three children were held captive in a bedroom. The man was armed and in the living room.

Reportedly, he fired shots inside the home. When deputies eventually made it into the house, they found bullet holes in a door and wall. They also located six shell casings.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the situation. The children — ages 3, 4 and 10 — were rescued by SWAT team members and officers who cut the screen in the bedroom and pulled them through the window.

It took hours for the SWAT team to arrest the man. He eventually surrendered and was taken into custody without any issues. He is now facing a host of charges:

  • Three counts of child abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Four counts of false imprisonment
  • Four counts of menacing with a deadly weapon
  • Six counts of illegal discharge of a fire arm
  • Prohibited use of a weapon

It is unclear if domestic violence was an issue before this incident. What is evident now is that this man is facing a long legal battle in criminal court. There is also a possibility of his facing a complex case in family court as a result of his actions. Anyone in a similar situation should explore their legal options for a strong defense right away.