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Take family law matters one at a time to make things less crazy

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Family Law Issues |

Dealing with family law issues is rarely a pleasant experience. In the case of a divorce, there are a number of matters which will need to be settled. A primary determination might concern the custody and support of the children. Another is the marital property to be divided. All of these family law issues can be challenging.

One thing that you have to remember in these cases is that it is best to take matters one at a time. Don’t try to discuss child custody and asset division all at the same time. Instead, you need to prioritize everything so that you can work on things in an orderly fashion.

Typically, you should work on the child custody issues right away. The sooner you get this hashed out, the sooner your children can adjust to the “new normal” way of life. All children, especially younger ones, need stability. We can help you negotiate the child custody agreement with your ex so that you can move forward to other areas.

The financial aspects of the divorce, including asset and debt division and support payments, also must be decided between the two of you. You can use the debts of the marriage to balance out the asset division if those can’t be divided evenly. When it comes to support, you have to think about child support fully separate from alimony. We can help you work through all of these areas with your best interests in mind throughout the entire process.

Divorce doesn’t have to be acrimonious. With a little tact and advance planning, you can emerge in a better position to face your newly-single life.


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