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Working through child custody matters with your ex

Your children are precious to you and their other parent. This is one of the primary reasons why child custody matters are so difficult to deal with when you and your ex split up. We can help you learn about the options that you have for addressing the custody matters that come up in your case.

One thing that parents might not think about right away is how many types of custody schedules they need to make. You might be so fixated on the one that you will use the most, but you do have others that you have to think about.

  • What is going to happen when there isn’t school?
  • How are vacations going to be handled?
  • What will happen when there is a half day at school?
  • What are the plans for holidays and special events?
  • What happens if one parent needs to change the schedule?

All of those questions can help you get the child custody agreement in order so that your child can have the stability that is necessary to thrive. Having a detailed agreement can also help you know the plan when different situations come up.

The good thing about child custody agreements these days is that they can be tailored to the child’s needs. You and your ex can work through mediation to determine the best arrangement for your situation. We can help you find solutions that address the unique needs that are present in your case. You can’t focus on what works for someone else since your agreement has to be customized for your child.


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