Child custody matters are usually either very easy to deal with or very difficult, depending on how well you and your ex can get along and work together during the process. If both parents can cooperate and arrive at an agreement for the custody during the divorce process, the future will likely be a bit easier.

You might realize that it isn’t very easy to deal with your ex on these matters. You have to try to separate the marital issues from the child custody issues so that you can figure out where to go from here. The child’s best interests are what you need to think about when you are working through custody matters. This might make it easier for you to deal with the decisions that you have to make.

When you are working through the child custody case, try to keep your focus on making decisions for the child now. Thinking too far into the future might be difficult. You can modify the agreement later if necessary because what works for your toddler probably won’t work when the child is a teen.

If you and your ex can’t get along well enough to figure out what to do about custody, you might have to ask the court to make a decision. Often, this isn’t a preferable solution because the judge doesn’t know the children. You are relying on a stranger to make decisions for your child. We can help you review your legal options so that you might be able to avoid having to take your child custody issues to court.