The first year after a divorce is one that is full of new experiences for you. Some of these will be fun times, but there are some firsts that many people don’t speak about. Knowing what to expect might help you when you are getting ready to embark on this journey.

One thing that you might not except is that you will miss your ex. Even if you don’t get along with your ex, you will miss the thought of having someone there to share things with. You will probably find that you want someone to share meals with. Even going to bed at night might make you wish you had someone to spend the final hours of your nights with.

Even if you wanted the marriage to end, you are likely going to feel sad. You might mourn the loss of the time you lost during your marriage. You may spend time thinking about what might have been.

The first holidays that you are single might be rough. You may find joy in them, but you might also have a few minutes of remembering that you are alone this year. This is normal, but it is still difficult to deal with.

Another unexpected event is that you might lose friends because of the divorce. Even people who have always been there for you might suddenly disappear. You should be prepared to deal with this type of change.

Ultimately, living as a single person is going to be a big change. You can use this time to reinvent yourself and find new things that you enjoy.

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