Your child custody case doesn’t have to be filled with unpleasant events that are stressful. Instead, you and your ex can make a conscious effort to work together to make life easier for your children. The benefits of working together with your ex for this purpose can extend to your life and your ex’s life.

We understand that these cases aren’t ones that you can take lightly. We can help you review the matters that are important in your case so that you know what you want to focus on. This can help you fight the important battles and let the other ones take a backseat.

There are some matters that you might feel are vitally important in your case. This might include matters like whether the children are vaccinated or how schooling is handled. You should remember that your ex also has a say in these matters, so you can’t assume that you will always have the last word. Of course, you might be able to secure sole decision-making powers in the area that you feel most strongly about, but this might come with other concessions.

You also have to figure out what type of parenting time arrangements you will make for the order. You and your ex might need a very strict schedule, but some people can work with a flexible schedule. Since child custody cases are very personal matters that have to consider your child’s best interests, you need to make sure that you are making decisions based on the circumstances of your case instead of considering other people’s cases.