Child custody cases hinge on what is best for the children. When domestic violence is a factor in the divorce, there is a good chance that the court is going to consider this in the child custody case. No matter which side of the case you are on, you should know how this might impact the case.

Courts tend to look at the severity of the abuse when they are trying to determine how to handle the children. The duration of the abuse will also be considered because these factors are considered indications of future abuse.

Some people who are accused of domestic violence will only be allowed supervised visits with the children. This can be very difficult to deal with for the parent and the child, especially if the child wasn’t a party to the abuse.

It is also possible that the court will order educational classes for the alleged abuser. This could include anger management classes or parenting classes to help the adult learn how to parent the child without turning to violent methods.

In some cases, the court might also issue a restraining order that prevents the parent from contacting the other parent or the child. Supervised visits might be used to allow the allegedly abusive parent still have contact with the child.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you should find out how this is going to impact your family law case. This can help you to determine how you need to plan so that you can try to address the issue in front of the court.

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