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Get along with your ex to make custody matters easier

We recently discussed how you and your ex trying to get along in a child custody situation might help your children to adjust to the new situation. The truth here is that getting along can also make the arrangement much easier for you.

When you and your ex can work together to raise your children, your stress level is likely going to remain lower than if you are always having to wage war with your ex. Since you aren’t as stressed, you can enjoy the time that you have with your child.

Spending time making memories with your children is very important, even if you aren’t making them with your ex. You want your children to have a childhood that they can remember fondly. This is why the focus must be placed on them.

There are a few things that you can do to encourage a civil relationship during the child custody matters. First, use a business-like communication method. This can be difficult, but you might find that it really helps the situation.

Second, remember that your children are the reasons you are dealing with your ex. You and your ex aren’t at all the reason for the child custody arrangements, so don’t use your child to get back at your ex.

Third, there might be issues that require you to negotiate with your ex. If you can’t come to a resolution about the issue, we can help you explore what options you have for getting it taken care of. This could include mediation or heading to court for the judge to decide what will happen.


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