Agreements are necessary in uncontested divorces

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Many people want to get done with the divorce as quickly as possible. There are several ways that you can speed things up. One of these is for you and your ex to come to an agreement about everything related to the divorce so that you can file for an uncontested divorce.

It is important for you to realize just how detailed these divorces can be. If you don’t have any assets or children, the uncontested divorce will be fairly easy. If you do have assets, children or both, you are in for a bit more work before your marriage legally ends.

When it comes to the assets you and your ex have, agreements have to be reached about each specific asset. This means you have to decide who gets to keep the house, the furniture, the bank accounts, the investments and the vehicle. Nothing can be left unaccounted for and there can’t be any disagreements about any of it.

When it comes to the children, you have to agree on where the child will live, what the parenting schedule will be, who will make decisions for the child and what types of support each parent will be responsible for. All of this can take some negotiations for you and your ex to come to an agreement.

As you work with your ex on these terms, remember that you can only file for the uncontested divorce if you agree on everything. Without agreements, you will have to either go through mediation or continue on the road to a divorce trial, both of which will likely add more time to how long the divorce takes.

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