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Child custody interference is a serious legal issue

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

A child custody order is the backbone of what should happen with your child when you and the other parent aren’t in a relationship any longer. When the other parent doesn’t keep up his or her end of the order, there is a chance that custody interference might be occurring.

Child custody, or visitation, interference is something that has a negative impact on the child. It is also something that can lead to criminal charges and legal issues for the person who is committing the interference.

Some forms of custody interference only serve to punish the other parent. This is the case if your ex is constantly late dropping off the children or meeting you for the child custody exchange. In some cases, your ex might not show up at all to spend time with your child. This is a very difficult situation for the child since children thrive on consistency.

Child custody interference can also apply to the decision making powers. If the court granted you the right to make specific decisions for your child, your ex can’t overrule you on those decisions. If he or she does against what you say for the area that you are responsible for, child custody interference might be occurring.

One interesting point that you have to know is that child custody and child support are independent of each other. Neither parent can keep the child away from the other parent based on child support issues. If there is a problem with child support, turn to the court to remedy it.

Child custody interference cases are hard to deal with, especially when you are one of the parents involved. Learn your options for handling these matters before you take action.

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