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Battered women’s syndrome makes leaving tough

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Domestic Violence

Battered women’s syndrome is a serious issue for many women who have been victims of domestic violence. These women often think they are helpless and they have no hope of standing on their own two feet. This is something that make it very difficult for them to leave their abuser and get the help they need.

Another thing that these women often think about is that they are going to be beaten if they do opt to leave. They often fear for their safety and sometimes the safety of their children because they know their spouse is unpredictable and like a ticking time bomb.

Women with battered women’s syndrome will likely think they are the reason for the abuse. They often think that the cycle of abuse is occurring because they are bad. This isn’t at all the case, but it does often lead to the need for mental health help when they do get out of the relationship.

Women who are battered often have to deal with more than one type of abuse. Their husbands might keep them away from other people, so they might not realize they have a support system. He might keep them away from the money so they aren’t able to support themselves when they leave.

It is difficult to understand what these women are going through. The law provides them a way that they can try to increase their safety, and programs are available to help them with other aspects of leaving an abusive relationship. For these women, getting a restraining order can help to keep their abuser away from them.

Learning about the process for getting this protection and taking the steps can seem rather scary. Still, she must push herself to get the help she needs so that she can move forward with her life without the fear of getting abused on a regular basis.

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