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Why you should take your first-time DUI seriously

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Drunk driving in Colorado is a serious criminal offense, even for a first-time offender. If this type of criminal charge is currently pending against you, now is the time to seek a full understanding of your defense options. Rather than simply pleading guilty, you have the right to confront these charges and seek the most beneficial outcome for your situation.

DUI enforcement is a top priority in the state, and the penalties that come with a drunk driving conviction are steep. There is much at stake, but with the right legal support and guidance, a one-time mistake does not have to derail your future or bring financial hardship.

The steep cost of drunk driving in Colorado

A first-time DUI is much more than an inconvenience. If convicted, you could face a myriad of penalties that may impact your career, your future educational opportunities and your financial health. In addition to the loss of driving privileges and potential time behind bars, you may have to deal with serious financial penalties. The fines and fees that may apply can include the following:

  • Cost of detox
  • Chemical test processing fee
  • Installation of ignition interlock device
  • Towing fee
  • Court costs
  • Alcohol education classes
  • Probation supervision
  • First-time conviction fees

These are just some of the financial repercussions, and any of them can bring serious financial hardship to your life. Defending against a drunk driving charge is about more than just avoiding time in jail and keeping your criminal record clean; it is about shielding yourself against the high monetary cost of a DUI.

It will cost you more than money

The financial penalties are steep, but there is more. A drunk driving conviction reaches into other areas of your life, affecting you for years to come. Consider the other ways that a DUI can change your life:

  • Loss of freedom: If you cannot drive, you will have to depend on others or public transportation to go to work, to transport your kids to school and more.
  • Loss of career: A DUI will not only impact your ability to get a job in the future, it can affect your current job status, especially if you cannot drive yourself to work.
  • Loss of reputation: There is a social stigma attached with a DUI, even if it is your first one. A criminal conviction often comes with a steep personal, social and emotional cost.

With a strategic approach, you may be able to effectively confront these charges and secure lesser penalties for yourself. By seeking a complete evaluation of your case, you can better understand how you can challenge the prosecution’s case and protect your future and freedom.


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