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Delaying your divorce can make matters worse

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Divorce

After your spouse asked for a divorce, you may have reluctantly agreed. However, as the procedure began and the two of you started separating your lives, you probably discovered that the transition of divorce was going to be harder than you expected. Because of this, you have been dragging your feet.

Perhaps there are papers you need to sign or decisions you need to make. Maybe you made those choices but have since changed your mind.

While you may have legitimate reasons for wanting to delay your divorce, a delay could lead to more resentments and more arguments with your ex, making it even harder to come to a divorce agreement and move on with both of your lives. If you have children with your ex, a delay could also make it harder to parent together in the future.

Time to move on with the help of a divorce lawyer

While not everyone wants to be best friends with their ex-spouse, there is something to be said for remaining cordial, especially when children are involved. By purposely delaying the divorce, the relationship can remain quite strained.

Divorce does not need to be one spouse pitted against the other. If an amicable divorce is what you are looking for – and the fear of fighting is holding you back from filing – the suggestion is to find an attorney who practices in a way that is more consistent with your goals.

At the The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, we help walk people through this difficult time. Our goal is to help you divorce in a way that is amicable, whenever possible. In cases where it is not possible to reach a fair and equitable agreement, by already having an attorney on your side, we will be prepared to stand up for you as an advocate.