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Think carefully about how you work out child custody plans

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

We recently discussed some of the issues that come up for child and spousal support. While many people think that child support and child custody go hand-in-hand, that is somewhat of a misconception. While child custody and child support are both important, being able to see your child’s doesn’t depend on whether you pay child support. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t pay, but we are noting that you can still spend time with your child even if you aren’t able to pay.

When it comes time to make a child custody plan, you have to think about your child. If your child is older, the activity and school schedule should come into the picture. Younger children might have similar considerations.

We know that having to think about who is going to make decisions for your child and hashing out a custody plan might be difficult. We are here to help guide you along the way. This could involve vetting out different options that are available for specific issues, such as long distance parenting or creative visitation schedules.

You have two options when you are in the midst of a child custody case. You can either go through trial and let the court decide on all the matters or you can work with your ex through mediation to decide them. Going through mediation might not seem like it would work, but with the help of a mediator, it might. This would allow the two people in the world who love the child the most the chance to make choices about the child’s future.