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Financial obligations to your ex must be met

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Child Support, Spousal Maintenance

When you file for a divorce from your ex, you are probably ready to be completely done with that person. Having to pay alimony or child support can mean that you still have to deal with your ex. Even though that isn’t an ideal situation, you still need to brace yourself for that possibility.

There isn’t much you can do about having to pay child support because children need things that cost money. Typically, child support payments will come out of your paycheck and be sent through the system to your ex.

You should read over the child support order to ensure that this is what is going to happen so that you can be sure you aren’t in violation of the order. You can also verify that the appropriate amounts are being taken out each check.

The issue of spousal support is a different matter. This order isn’t a given in a divorce. In some cases, there isn’t any order for spousal support so once you are divorced, you won’t have to pay your ex anything toward his or her expenses.

If you are ordered to pay alimony, you should be sure that you know the order. You could be ordered to pay one large, lump sum payment or you might be ordered to pay monthly payments. We can help you to think about which option would best suit your needs.

If you are able to pay the lump sum, you might petition the court to order a lump sum so you can be done with the payments. If you and your ex are working out the terms together, this is one possible option you can see if your ex will agree to.