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4 Lawyer Strategies Toward Reaping The Best Return During High Asset Divorce Negotiations

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2016 | Divorce |

Listed among the ten most expensive divorces of 2015, comes the separation of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. This divorce exemplifies the struggles that can take place when a marriage that did not include a prenuptial agreement butts head with a divorce that includes a combined spousal net worth of $145 million.

Celebrity Divorce Exemplifies Attorney Strategy In High Asset Divorce

Along with the fresh ache of a new separation and in-depth meetings with high-level attorneys, such high asset split-ups involve long-term negotiating for ownership of expensive automobiles, lavish mansions, and various investment options. Who comes out best in this settlement between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck is yet to be fully determined. May the lawyers help them find a fair and just resolution.

Colorado Lawyer Strategy For High Asset Divorce Negotiation

Your Colorado lawyer knows that successful negotiation demands a sound strategy. Reaping the best return during a high asset divorce requires attention to detail but may also demand extensive behind-the-scenes investigation. Victory lies in the following four primary characteristics of good mediation:

1) Groundwork – Preparation is the essential component to legal success. In order for your lawyer to demonstrate solid control of the negotiations, he or she must have a powerful array of factual weapons and defenses. Completing competent groundwork involves both you and your attorney.

2) Frank and Forthright Communication – So long as your ex-spouse feels a sense of justice, he or she is likely willing to negotiate for a fair settlement. Withholding data tends to complicate the issue and may even cause your ex-spouse’s lawyer to sense weakness in your position. Great legal strategy involves forthright communication.

3) Endurance – Reaping a reasonable conclusion to your high asset divorce may demand multiple mediation sessions. Furthermore, litigation sessions can be long and brutal. Follow your attorney’s lead and resist the promptings that often accompany the fatigue of long-term negotiations.

4) Compromise Is Inevitable – Some concession is unavoidable. Both lawyer and client must come to the table with some measure of reasonable mediation. Divorce litigation involves risk and an attitude of realistic give and take. Come with an eye for “best return” on the settlement rather than vengeance for a crushing victory.

Colorado, A “Equitable Distribution” Divorce System

When Colorado courts manage divorce proceeding, they follow the dual classification model of “equitable distribution of marital property.” If divorcing spouses cannot come to a mutually agreeable settlement, the Court classifies and then divides the marriage assets via a case-by-case evaluation of the special circumstances within a given marriage along with the associated accumulation of assets and debts.

Permit our attorneys take forceful and strategic action to ensure that you reap the best rewards from your high asset divorce. We are dedicated to gaining for our clients a reasonable and just share of the marital property.

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