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Divorce may be higher during these times of year

Seasonal patterns of human behavior are a common topic for many researchers. According to a presentation by a sociology professor from the University of Washington, there is “evidence of a seasonal, biannual pattern of filings for divorce.”

A press release about the research noted that divorce filings between 2001 and 2015 in Washington state peaked after the winter and summer holidays — in March and August. The researchers also studied data from Ohio, Florida, Arizona and Minnesota and found that in these states — which have similar laws regarding divorce, but different economic conditions and demographics — the patterns were similar.

Researchers believe, according to the press release, that “troubled couples may see the holidays as a time to men relationships and start anew.” For example, a couple may think that having a great Christmas or going for a family camping trip could make everything better.

The researchers’ findings are interesting, but time will tell if the same results are found when researchers examine the divorce trends in more states.

There have been numerous studies in the past in which researchers attempt to find the trends in divorce filings or why divorce commonly occurs. For those in an unhappy marriage, there probably is little thought given as to whether their divorces are being filed as the same time as most other couples’. Most people simply want to file for divorce and get the process over.

If you are contemplating divorce, your divorce attorney can help with issues such as child custody, child support, alimony property division and more. The time to ask questions is before your divorce is finalized, and your attorney is a great source of information.

Source:, “Researchers Think They Have Found Two Seasonal Divorce Spikes,” Jesse Singal, Aug. 22, 2016


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