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Parental responsibility and decision making are independent

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

Child custody matters are usually very complex matters that have the life of an innocent person at the center. When you and your ex have different opinions about what is best for your child, you might have to turn the court for determinations on what will happen with the child. The points that can be addressed in a child custody case can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. We can help you to determine what aspects of child custody should be addressed by your agreement.

The issue of parental responsibility is a big one in these cases. Parental responsibility deals with who the child resides with. This can be shared, which means that both parents have equal — or close to equal — time to parent the child. In some cases, one parent has primary parental responsibility, which means the child will remain with him or her for the majority of the time.

The decision making responsibilities are another consideration. These responsibilities can be shared, which means both parents can decide on medical, religious and educational issues. Other issues might also be included, such as where the child will go on vacations and similar choices.

We know that all of this might be a bit confusing. You should understand that these two factors are independent. That means that you can have decision making responsibilities and only limited parental responsibility.

Understanding your rights, as well as the orders that are issued, is crucial in a child custody case. Your child’s well-being is what is important to the court, so you must keep that in mind throughout the process of dealing with child custody matters.