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What should I do about my social media accounts during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Divorce

We’ve all heard the stories of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram being one of the main reasons behind a divorce. However, continuing to use these sites once you are in the divorce process can also have negative ramifications on your settlement.

While your attorney may advise you to shut down all of your social media accounts for at least as long as the divorce takes, if you do plan to continue to use social media, it’s important to understand what can be used against you and how. One of the most important things to be careful about is posting pictures. Where you are, who you are with, and even what is visible in the background can all cause problems for you in a divorce court.

Common examples of things that could be used against you are photos of new purchases — everything from a new car to a new pair of expensive shoes — vacations or new partners. It’s important to understand that the lifestyle you portray on social media will be seen as reality in the courts, even if it is far from accurate. It’s also crucial to keep tabs on what your friends are sharing about you. Other people’s posts that include you are especially problematic because you are not in direct control of the privacy settings.

While all of these things are true, this also means that your legal team may be able to use social media against your ex in court as well. If you have questions about your social media presence in your divorce, a meeting with your attorney may be in order.

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