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March 2016 Archives

Colorado Court of Appeals to hear case involving 6-year-old

The Colorado Court of Appeals is set to hear a case involving a 6-year-old girl with dual citizenship in both Latvia and the United States. The girl was apparently visiting Denver, Colorado, with her father when he died of a heart attack. The girl's mother had also died shortly after her birth. The father's will states that guardianship of the child was to be transferred to the girl's nanny who had been living with and taking care of her for the majority of her life. According to reports, the girl also called the nanny "Mommy."

What Is Considered Careless Driving in Colorado?

As many drivers in Colorado are busy going from work to errand to meeting, it can be easy to feel rushed. Your cell phone may look tempting as you can't help but check just one more text message or phone call. However, you get end up getting distracted and swerve a little to avoid the curb. You hit it a little and your car rolls over it. A police officer sees this and pulls you over. The officer has charged you with careless driving.

Cooperation can help dissolve a marriage faster

The emotional turmoil that many people feel during a divorce is rather unexpected. If you are the one who filed for the divorce, you might wonder why you are feeling so emotional. Generally, being emotional after the filing is normal since you are making a huge life change.

How important is a clear parenting time plan?

Establishing a schedule or plan for parenting time is extremely important in custody cases. Children need structure, and knowing when they are going to see which parent and how long the parenting time will be allows them to feel more control over the situation. How your parenting time plan is set up, however, largely depends on your individual circumstances and what is deemed in the best interests of the children.

Presumption of paternity and paternity fraud

While it may seem like paternity is only an issue for those who have never been married, it is really at the heart of any child custody issue. Many people are surprised to find out that even if a child is not biologically theirs, they may still have to pay child support. It's important for those going through a divorce with children to understand how the presumption of paternity works and why it matters.

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