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February 2016 Archives

These 4 behaviors could predict the likelihood of divorce

While it's impossible to predict the success or lack thereof a relationship by any one factor, that doesn't stop people from wanting to be able to pinpoint why a couple got divorced on one specific reason. However, researchers have found that couples who engaged in these four behaviors are much more likely to get divorced.

Domestic violence cases without physical abuse can be complex

Domestic violence charges usually bring up images in a person's mind of a spouse who has been beaten. There are some cases in which actual physical violence isn't an element in the case. Those cases are often very difficult for prosecutors and defendants because they are so complicated. We know that if you are facing domestic violence charges, you are probably interested in clearing your name and minimizing the effects of the accusations.

Colorado proposes change to strangulation classification

A proposed bill in Colorado seeks to formally define strangulation as a felony, and many of the bill's proponents say it is a necessary step toward protecting domestic violence victims and ensuring their abusers are properly prosecuted. As of right now, Colorado classifies strangling someone as a misdemeanor, one of only 12 states that do so. That means that even those found guilty may not face severe enough penalties to deter them from repeating the offense.

How will the recent Social Security changes after my divorce?

While it's true that the legal codes that govern how family law issues are handled in Colorado change on a fairly regular basis, these laws are also influenced by changes made in other areas at both the state and federal levels. One recent example is the changes made to how divorced spouses can handle Social Security and disability benefits.

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