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January 2016 Archives

Helping your child process a divorce

Most people would agree that going through a divorce is a difficult time for all involved, regardless of the particulars of the situation. However, divorces are often hardest on the children who don't understand what is happening or why. They can be very confused and anxious about what is going on. A recent study sought to explore this further.

What happens when I am charged with domestic violence?

Being accused of domestic violence can not only tarnish your record, it can lead to alienation of your family, loss of your job and it tends to make friends disappear. Many people don't even realize that they may be crossing the line into this area. It is defined as being controlling, using coercion, intimidation and even revenge against someone that you have been in an intimate relationship with.

Parental alienation: What is it?

Simply put, parental alienation occurs when one parent plots to negatively affect the other parent's relationship with the children. In many cases, it comes about because one parent is still upset with the other about things that happened in the marriage or divorce and is using the child as a pawn to upset the other parent.

How does bankruptcy affect child support in Colorado?

Financial issues impact everyone regardless of marital status, but the divorce process often takes a significant toll. It's not uncommon for people to file for bankruptcy in the years following a divorce, but there is a lot of misunderstanding about how bankruptcy does or does not affect child support obligations.

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