When it comes to divorce, issues dealing with the children are some of the most difficult to work through. These parental responsibility issues often pit the wishes of one parent against the wishes of the other parent. In some cases, the parents are able to negotiate an agreement that puts the child’s interests first. That is the ultimate goal when we take on a child custody issue — we want what is best for the child.

We have to think about how we can keep the child safe. That doesn’t mean only protecting the child from physical harm. Instead, we have to think about how we can allow the child to grow mentally and emotionally. We have to think about how we can help the child work through the emotions of his or her parents’ divorce.

We also have to consider the child’s preference and the relationship of the children with you and your ex. Almost every aspect of the family dynamic has to be considered when you are going through a child custody case. Any history of abuse or neglect, the health of you and your ex, the child’s health and similar factors all come into the picture.

There is no easy answer when it comes to questions regarding parental responsibility. When you come to us for help with your child custody issue, we listen to your desires about how to rectify the issues. From there, we work to find options for you. We explain the options that are available and help you to understand how each will affect you and your children.