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July 2015 Archives

What is a motion for continuance?

Family law cases can be very complicated, and it's common for these cases to be very intense as well, with both parties fighting over custody, child support or property division. To the disappointment and frustration of some, these cases can also take months to resolve. It's important to understand that family law is complex and that it's important for your lawyer and the courts to take the time they need to give the case their full attention and consideration.

Parenting plans are often complex but must be followed

Discussing parenting time and similar issues when you are going through a divorce can often lead to considerable issues between you and your child's other parent. Just last week, we discussed how some child custody cases might involve allegations of abuse. Issues like that can often make the child custody issues even more pronounced.

Child custody: Allegations of abuse

Accusations of child abuse are extremely serious, but it is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to try to argue that the other parent is abusive to gain custody. In some cases, the allegations are unfounded, and the courts will not look favorably on a parent who lies or otherwise misrepresents the facts in a custody hearing. If, on the other hand, the allegations are true, there may be an investigation by child protective services, and the results are very likely to factor heavily into the court's final decision.

Don't let a domestic violence accusation ruin your life

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the defense options you have if you are facing accusations of domestic violence. Choosing a defense is a very serious decision because the outcome of the domestic violence case can affect so many aspects of your life.

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