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New traditions after a divorce: Your child in Colorado

Starting new holiday traditions following a divorce in Colorado can be difficult for your child. This article from Nov. 26 describes some ways you can make this transition easier on your child, so you can reconnect and move on with your lives following a divorce.

First of all, if your child is unhappy with leaving long-used traditions behind for new traditions, like seeing a new spouse’s family or interacting with different friends, why not allow your child to develop some new traditions of his own? This can be beneficial, as it is an inclusive activity that gives your child purpose.

Giving your child a task is another way to make them engage in the holiday traditions you’re developing. Adding the star to the top of your Christmas tree or even just making cookies and decorating them with the family is a good way to connect and engage.

Remember, because your child may be feeling left out or lonely, it’s important to take time for activities with him or her on his or her own. During holiday gatherings, invite more or different groups of people, including friends, neighbors and family members, to show your child that he or she is not alone and has the support of many.

As a parent, this process may seem daunting, but with time and patience, your child will still enjoy the holiday season. If you and your ex are struggling to make arrangements this holiday season, you may want to consider mediation or family law help that can solidify your plans, expectations, fears and achievements for the sake of your child’s safety and happiness.

Source: Huffington Post, “Starting New Holiday Traditions After a Divorce” Dr. Gail Gross, Nov. 26, 2014


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