For couples in Colorado and around the country, a divorce can be a devastating experience. Emotions can run the gamut from anger to sadness to relief. Most people likely just want the process over with so that they can begin to move on with their lives.

For most divorcing couples, there is no publicity. However, in high asset divorces where one or both of the spouses is famous, the media can make having any privacy during the proceedings very difficult.

News outlets quickly picked up the story that he wife of Randy Jackson has filed for divorce. Jackson is best known for being a long-time judge on “American Idol.” The couple has been married for 18 years, and it is his second marriage. His first marriage ended in 1990.

The couple has two children, one of whom is an adult. Jackson’s wife is seeking joint legal and primary physical custody of the couple’s 17-year-old son. In addition, she wants spousal support and for her soon-to-be ex-husband to pay for her lawyer’s fees.

It’s not known at the time what the value of Randy’s fortune is. However, he recently sold a California estate for almost $2 million.

While the wife cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce, Jackson has not yet spoken out about the split.

Even as this couple divides their assets, other couples are doing the same — albeit maybe not on the same scale. This reiterates the need for experienced legal representation during a divorce. You have the right to fight for what you believe is yours.

Source: People, “Randy Jackson’s Wife Files for Divorce” Kathy Ehrich Dowd, Sep. 26, 2014