Many people often think of female victims when considering domestic violence, but it is important to note that men in Colorado can also be victimized in these situations. In fact, some studies have shown that up to 10 percent of American men have been the victims of violence in one fashion or another.

The numbers may be higher, but part of the issue is that these types of things are often under-reported. That does not just go for men, though. The crimes are under-reported for women as well as men.

One professional in the industry said that there are a number of reasons why men might not come forward with reports when they are victimized. For one thing, she pointed out that some men may think that no one is going to believe them, even if they are telling the truth. She also said that men may mistakenly believe that there are services for women, but not for men, when the reality is that both can get help when needed.

She ended by saying that a big step that should be taken to help men is just changing this overall outlook, by working to make sure that people really understand that this issue involves both men and women.

Whether they are being victimized through verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse or some other type, it is important for all people to know what legal action they can take to protect themselves. They should know that there are services in place to help, and they do not have to be subjugated to endless abuse from family members or people with whom they live.

Source: WNCN, “Domestic violence underreported in US, a growing issue among men” Oct. 13, 2014