While it can be hard to pin a number on the number of domestic violence cases that actually take place, it is possible to look at how many are reported. In Colorado, data from the last decade shows a consistently falling trend. Back in 2004, there were close to 15,000 reports, by 2009, it was under 14,000 and reports were just over 10,000 in 2013.

However, as those numbers also illustrate so well, this is still a consistent issue in the state. It is important for people who are dealing with it to know what legal options they have; violence needs to be taken seriously and people must act quickly when they find themselves — or their children — in a dangerous situation.

It is also wise to note that this abuse does go both ways and can come from either gender. Husbands and wives can be involved, as can boyfriends and girlfriends.

One woman who related her story actually fled to Colorado to escape a domestic violence situation. She had been living in Las Vegas, and she had a job, a house and a car; in short, she was doing well for herself. She then met a man who she claims was using drugs, and he also did not have his own home or a good job. The two started a relationship, but she now feels that it was based around his desire to get the things that she had.

The abuse was financial at first, but it progressed over time. When she was subjected to physical abuse, the situation became too much and she left the state. Her parents found out what was happening, and they took her to live with them in Colorado.

Source: KVNF, “Domestic Violence Persists Despite Drop In Colorado Cases” Laura Palmisano, Oct. 27, 2014