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Episcopal Church’s first gay bishop to divorce

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Family Law

For more than a quarter of century, a bishop with the Episcopal Church has been in a same-sex marriage. He was the first openly gay bishop in the church and when he announced that he was gay, it came with much controversy. It was 2003 when he was appointed as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. The bishop’s first marriage — to a woman — resulted in two children, but ended in separation in 1986.

Now, the bishop’s second marriage is ending as well. The bishop, who has been an advocate of “gay rights and marriage equality” said that the upcoming divorce proceedings are “just another sign that same-sex marriages are no different than any other.” He plans to use his faith for strength during what he has called a “painful period” in his life.

The bishop went on to say that heterosexual couples and gay and lesbian couples are subject to the same difficulties and complications. The reason for the split was not given.

Same-sex marriage and divorce have become hot-button topics throughout the nation, including here in Colorado. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, Colorado same-sex couples may join together in a civil union, but the state does not allow same-sex marriage. According to a Denver Post article from Feb. 20, 2014, nine same-sex couples are seeking to have the gay marriage ban overturned in court because they believe it violates the U.S. Constitution. There are similar legal challenges in a number of other states.

Same-sex couples who are interested in learning more about their family law options in Colorado may benefit from the advice of an experienced attorney. This legal professional can provide more information about the current laws regarding same-sex marriage in Colorado, as well as the possible changes that could be forthcoming.

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