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After divorce: Tips for coping and moving on

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2014 | Divorce

For almost everyone, a divorce is a complete upheaval in life. Everything is turned upside down, from where you may live, to that which your paycheck goes towards. Emotions are raw right after a divorce, and even in no-fault divorces, there is still a need to blame someone — even if that someone is yourself.

It can be difficult to move forward after such a separation, especially if you must see your ex because of the children. What do you do to get your life in order and ready to move on? Here are a few tips to make the process a bit easier.

For those who have children, it’s important to make sure contact information is changed at schools, doctors, dentists and child care facilities. Forms for various activities, such as sports, camps, insurance and passports also need to be completed with new information.

Parenting time should be entered on a calendar — whether it’s done on a computer, cell phone or your wall. Consider using different colors to indicate your ex’s time with the kids and yours. As soon as dates are available for school plays, sports games or other important events, make sure your ex is made aware of them. Add those dates to your calendar.

You may want to enter the dates that child support or alimony is due, especially if you are the payer. Other important financial matters may include the transfer of any assets listed in the court documents.

While you may not be pleased with how asset or property division was handled or you may think you got the short end of the stick in terms of visitation, it’s important to abide by your divorce decree. Changes should be made through modification hearings in order to ensure you are not breaking a binding agreement. If you have questions concerning the enforcement of your divorce decree, a Colorado family law attorney’s advice may provide the answers you need.

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