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Denver’s new domestic violence center hopes to help 4,000 a year

The Rose Andom Center is set to open by this fall in Denver, Colorado. The $13.6 million project will provide services from 25 different agencies for domestic violence victims. The goal is provide these services to the 4,000 citizens of Denver who report domestic violence incidents every year.

The mayor hopes that the center becomes a “national leader” in providing domestic violence services. Some of the agencies that will be available to victims include the city’s police department, Department of Human Services and the district attorney’s office. Also available will be Colorado Legal Services.

Right now, victims of domestic violence may have to travel to multiple agencies to get the services they need. This is often made even more difficult if they don’t have transportation or have children with them.

Part of the funding for the center came from Rose Andom, an entrepreneur in Denver. She contributed $1 million to the project. The city put up $3.5 million, which was used to buy the building where the center will be housed. The address will be 1330 Fox St.

There are other similar facilities in cities around the country, offering victims a chance to receive medical care, speak with a police officer and get information about domestic violence shelters.

When the announcement of the center was made, there was jubilation from a crowd that had gathered to take part in One Million Rising, a campaign across the world. That campaign was focused on ending the violence against girls and women.

Victims of domestic violence need the support and guidance of these community services. However, there are also times when the person accused of domestic violence needs legal services, too, especially if they are facing charges, an order of protection or a restraining order. The impact of domestic violence charges can be severe, with penalties ranging from probation and fines to jail time and loss of gun ownership.

Source: The Denver Post, “New Denver domestic-violence center to open this fall” Colleen O’Connor, Feb. 15, 2014


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