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Will you be a better parent after a divorce?

Parenting is difficult, even with both parents living in the same household. When a divorce occurs, it can become even more difficult, as one parent will be tasked with raising the children – at least when the kids are at that parent’s home. Different parenting styles, visitation schedules and dealing with the raw emotions after a divorce can make any parent question their abilities in this vital role. There is some advice from parents who have been through it, though, and this advice can help you become a better parent after a divorce.

One parent says that the most important thing to consider after a divorce is your attitude. Your children will observe how you cope with the divorce. No one expects you to act as though nothing happened, and that isn’t good for your kids, anyway. However, if you are not able to cope with daily activities or your attitude is one of constant anger, angst or woe, your children will soon mimic it. Try to keep a positive outlook, even if you feel as though your world crumbled. Look for the good around you. Chances are, you’ll find it in your children.

Other parents have said that a divorce made them a better parent because they no longer lived in fear. It wasn’t just fear of abuse, either. It was fear that a divorce was coming. Sometimes, it’s just best to get the inevitable over with and move forward. Staying together for the sake of the children may seem noble, but it really doesn’t result in a happy home in most cases.

Remember, your parenting style after a divorce may not be the same as another parent’s. You have to find what works best for you and your kids. The courts and your family law attorney will deal with the divorce process, including custody matters, alimony and property division. What you do after the divorce decree is signed is just as important to your children, though.

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