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Sheen wants to end child support payments during Mueller’s rehab

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Child Support

A Los Angeles judge has received a request from Charlie Sheen to stop making the actor pay his ex-wife child support for their twin boys while she is in a drug rehabilitation center. The pair divorced in 2010 and Sheen agreed to pay $55,000 a month in child support to Brooke Mueller.

In May, the 4-year-old boys were placed with another of Sheen’s ex-wives, Denise Richards. Child welfare officials had taken the boys after they were found at Mueller’s house. There were reports Mueller was allegedly using drugs again and shortly afterwards, the boys were removed from the house. Mueller entered a drug treatment center, where she has been receiving care under a physician’s orders.

A judge approved Richards as the caregiver for the twin boys a short time later, where they are still living today. Sheen now believes the $55,000 a month he is paying to Mueller for the boy’s child support is paying for her drug rehab. There have been reports Sheen has also offered to give Richards more money since she is caring for five children now. She has two daughters that are the twin boys’ half-sisters and she also adopted a baby girl. Richards reportedly refused Sheen’s offer.

This isn’t the first time Richards has taken the twins into her home when Mueller ended up in rehab. The same thing happened in 2011.

Child support payments may be modified by petitioning the court. If you believe there is a need for such a modification, contact a Colorado family law attorney. Your lawyer can advise you as to how the child support modification process works and what requirements are needed for such action. This can be done by either party, meaning those receiving or paying child support.

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