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Divorce’s Silver Linings

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Divorce

There are a lot of words used to describe divorce, and most of them aren’t flattering: sad, angry, depressing, miserable and wretched. For most people who have weathered the storm, however, there is another side. It does take a while to get there, though, but being divorced can bring many things, including empowerment, growth and acceptance. Here are more of divorce’s silver linings.

First, the door is wide open for you to have a wonderfully meaningful relationship – when you are ready – with someone who is truly right for you. Enjoy your life – as single – until you find that person.

Second, you can make your home exactly as you want it. Perhaps you want it all pink and frilly or the ultimate bachelor pad. It’s yours now, so other than taking into account your children, you really don’t have to worry about anyone else’s interior decorating decisions.

Third, when your loneliness starts to subside – and it will – you will find a new empowerment in your life. You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it. You don’t have to worry about grabbing a late drink after work or watching that really bad movie that you love so much (again children taken into account here). You simply get to be you, all the good and the bad.

Fourth, you don’t have to worry about in-laws. If you don’t have children, the thought of never having to see your in-laws again may send you into euphoria. Of course, if there are children, you’ll still end up seeing them occasionally, but it is going to be a lot less than if you were still married to their son or daughter.

Finally, you get to really live. Now, this is something that is really personal for each individual, but at some point – whether you want to or not – being single gives you freedom to do you things you haven’t had the freedom to do before. Maybe you want to run a marathon or travel the across the country. Set your goals and go for it!

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