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Dennis Rodman owes $860,000 in spousal and child support

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2013 | Child Support, Spousal Maintenance

Dennis Rodman, winner of five NBA championships, has never been shy about making headlines. His recent North Korea visit is a case in point. But the basketball star’s flashy self-confidence belies a personal problem that is all-too-familiar to many Coloradans: a failure to pay child support.

Rodman appeared in court recently to say that he can’t pay the $800,000 he owes in back child support. He also owes roughly $60,000 in spousal maintenance to his ex-wife.

This massive amount of unpaid support is a bit of a shock, given that Rodman’s basketball career netted him over $27 million. That amount doesn’t include payments for endorsements, which are said to have brought in as much as his salary, if not more.

So how did the Basketball Hall of Famer get so far behind? His attorney (not affiliated with this firm) said Rodman doesn’t have any funds coming in. The attorney also suggested that Rodman’s alcoholism has left him with a lack of assets.

In terms of family law, the father’s celebrity status in this case may work against him. Images of Rodman’s trip to North Korea and his subsequent attempts at international diplomacy have been emblazoned across the media. And it’s unlikely that a judge will okay Rodman’s drinking problem as a reason to modify his child support order.

In other cases, however, it may be appropriate to change a support payment plan. If a paying parent suffers a hardship that requires such a change, then he or she can petition the court. Parents who are supposed to receive child support can also take the necessary legal steps to enforce an order.

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